Client Relations


“We believe in a client relationship that is based on trust, stability and a commitment to your financial well-being.”

Our approach is about doing what’s right for our clients. Above all else, we hold paramount our fiduciary duty to place clients’ interests first.

Our Value to You

Paragon’s disciplined investment management process coupled with a personal and well thought out approach to your financial goals is the basis of building and growing our long-term relationship.

What Sets Us Apart

With more than 20 years of experience in global financial markets, Paragon’s portfolio managers have the knowledge and wisdom to make prudent investment decisions on your behalf.

As an independent Investment Counsel firm, Paragon provides you with the benefit of unbiased decision-making and a flexible, broad-based investment offering.

We commit and promise to provide the highest level of service to you… every day and every year.

To ensure safety of your investment assets your investments are fully protected under the Canadian Investment Protection Fund (CIPF) and held with our Custodian – National Bank Independent Network.

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At Paragon, we are able to provide the benefit of institutional style investment management that is personally tailored to you, with a standard of care and attention that you deserve.

“We define success by the measurable value we deliver our clients”

– Carolyn Thoms, President/Portfolio Manager